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Each of our 25 UWs has its own specialties and areas of study. They stretch across every corner of the state, with campuses big and small. Take a moment to get to know them all. We bet you’ll find a few UWs fit you better than you thought.

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Find out more about the countless opportunities across our 25 unique campuses.
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You’ll get a great education at any UW. But some UWs will let you dive deeply into the subjects that naturally interest you.
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One of the easiest ways to narrow down your list of UWs is to decide what kind of education you need. The University of Wisconsin offers both 2-year and 4-year campuses. Get to know which is right for you.
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Earn an associate degree through a focused, two-year program
There are 13 UWs that primarily offer two-year degrees.* They have lower costs, smaller class sizes, and simpler, friendlier admission standards. They can be a great place to start and even let you earn credits you can transfer directly to UW’s four-year universities.
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Earn a bachelor’s degree through a rigorous, comprehensive four-year program
There are 13 four-year UWs that can position you for advanced professional careers or graduate-level studies. They have high standards for admission and take into consideration the full breadth and diversity of your experiences.

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