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Get Ready for Your UW

Once you know where you are going to go to college, you can start getting ready for your new life on campus. You can start planning what you’ll study, where you’ll live, and where you can find the people and support you’ll need to feel at home.

Start Planning What You Will Study

You’ve been accepted. Now what? Find more information about your campus or academic program in the online campus catalog and search and find classes at each UW System campus.

Find Support on Your UW Campus

Every UW has programs and services designed to make you feel at home in your new home, from programs for students with special needs, to counseling, childcare, safety, and veteran services. Get the support you need right on campus.

Explore Housing and Meal Plans at Your UW

You can find on-campus housing at all four-year UW System campuses, as well as eight of the branch campuses. Housing options and availability vary by campus.

Trio Programs

These federally funded programs prepare low income, first generation, or disabled Americans for college. You’ll find the guidance and inspiration you need to succeed in college. Participants must meet income and other eligibility requirements to participate.

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