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Welcome Counselors!

The Universities of Wisconsin have a university for nearly every type of college-bound student, from the commuter seeking an associate degree to the student who’s been planning for graduate school since middle school. These resources are designed to help you as you guide your students through the admission process, financial aid applications, and more. You’ll also find information on other topics educators search for on this website, including placement tests and counselor workshops.

Resources to Help You Guide Your Students

UW HELP Publications

UW HELP produced three publications for the 2023-2024 academic year:

  • A UW Application Guidebook to help rising senior students prepare their Universities of Wisconsin Application over the summer.
  • A UW Viewbook to introduce students to the Universities of Wisconsin and assist them with finding, choosing, and preparing for a UW university.
  • A Counselor Workbook to serve as a handy reference while you work with your students.

UW HELP also offers materials for middle schools as well. These materials serve as a guide for students as they prepare for college in the Universities of Wisconsin.


2024 UW Viewbooks
For a limited time, UW HELP will be offering physical 2024 UW Viewbooks for the 2024-2025 academic year. For those interested in bulk orders, please submit a preorder form by Friday, July 26.

Share Our Applications

Besides the UW HELP website, we have created two specialized online tools for your students:

  • UW Journey is an all-in-one guide to help students find the University of Wisconsin that is right for them.
  • Find A Program helps students discover which universities have the resources they need to support their interests and studies.

And of course, there’s the Universities of Wisconsin Application to let students apply for admission.

Workshops and Outreach

Join Our Fall Workshops

The popular Universities of Wisconsin Fall Workshops bring together all Universities of Wisconsin to provide admission and university updates and highlight all 13 Universities of Wisconsin. The Fall Workshops are free to high school counselors and other professionals assisting students with the college admissions process.

Request a Presentation

Interested in having UW HELP present to your students about the Universities of Wisconsin? In-person and virtual sessions are available on request. Request a presentation today!

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One-on-one sessions are available from UW HELP for your students who want assistance completing the online application for admission. Your students can schedule a personal, 15-minute session with one of UW HELP’s outreach specialists to get the help they need.