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Prepare for College

Getting into your dream school can often hinge on the extra things you do. Think about what you can do now: taking challenging courses, earning college credit in high school, participating in extracurriculars, volunteering, or taking an internship or a job. When you apply, your UWs will want to hear what sets you apart.

Meet Your Admission Requirements

Each Universities of Wisconsin have a minimum set of requirements for admission. Find out what you need to apply. But remember, what’s listed are the minimum requirements. If you’re applying to a competitive school, you’ll want to make sure you meet their specific requirements (and maybe even do a little more).

Checklists For Your High School Years

We made handy checklists for high school students to help prepare for college. We have step-by-step guides for each year — freshman through senior. Thousands of students have used the checklists to keep themselves on track!

Trio Programs

The Universities of Wisconsin participate in federal TRIO programs, offering guidance and inspiration for low-income, first-generation, and disabled Americans to succeed in college. Programs start as early as middle school and continue through your college career.

Additional Credit Opportunities

One of the best ways to save time and money is to take advantage of available high school opportunities. Learn more about the available high school opportunities to earn credit and/or experience to put towards your college education.

Find Out More About Transfers

Want to know how credits will transfer from high school. Or how credits will transfer from one college to another? Get all the info you need from

Early Math Placement Tool

How ready are you for college math courses? Which math class should you take during your senior year of high school? To answer these questions, use Wisconsin’s Early Math Placement Tool (EMPT) with a teacher or counselor.

Offered through a partnership of the Universities of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Technical College System, the Department of Public Instruction, and Wisconsin high schools, the EMPT is free to use. It includes a placement test and a resource guide that shows how many math courses are required for each major on each UW campus.

Not applying to your UW as a Freshman applicant? You’ll have different admission requirements. Check out your admissions page to find your specific admission path.


Students moving from another campus or college


Students who took a break and are now ready to return


Students outside the United States

Non-Degree Seeking Student

Students looking to study without learning a degree


Students looking to earn a graduate-level degree

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