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Admission Requirements

Students leave school for many reasons. Sometimes it’s to pursue a passion or to gain unique work experience. Other times, things just don’t work out as planned. If this describes you and you’re ready to jump back in, we’re ready to help.


This section covers the admission requirements for re-entry students. The biggest thing is whether you left the UW System in good standing (your grades were in good shape) or poor standing (grades weren’t up to par).

Good Standing?
Likely to be readmitted without a hassle. Be sure to meet the application priority dates.

Poor Standing?
Start by talking with the admissions office to identify the specific procedure you’ll need to follow. It may involve an appeal to admissions director, academic dean, or a designee.

Attended Another University
Did you attend courses at a different university after your left the UW System? Contact your previous college/university and have them send your official transcripts to the admissions office of UW System school where you’re applying for re-entry.