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College Planning Checklist

Getting ready for college can feel pretty overwhelming. That’s why we created a year-by-year checklist for students in high school. Take it bit by bit each year, so you can stay focused and skip the stress.

Grade 9

  • It’s normal to feel shy as you transition to high
    school, but if you have any questions, ask friends,
    a teacher or a trusted advisor.
  • Try new classes and extracurricular activities.
  • Explore your interests!
  • Develop good study habits.
      • College admission offices will evaluate your grades
        from ALL four years.
  • Discuss your options after high school with your
  • Plan to take challenging and advanced level
  • Start a brag sheet: a list of activities,
    achievements, awards, and other notable
  • Search for part-time or seasonal jobs and
    volunteer experiences, especially for the summer
    after freshman year.

  • Save for college.
      • Money from holidays, birthdays, or part-time
        jobs can go a long way.
  • Think about how your skills and interests
    might direct you toward a career.
  • Ask people how they got their current jobs.
      • If possible, shadow careers that interest you.
  • Take a look at summer pre-college programs
    offered by your local UW university.
  • Review UW course requirements for
  • Review & start budgeting for college now.

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