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Placement Testing

Help get your students ready for college with placement tests to determine which classes they should take in their first year of college.

Regional Placement Testing

Which math, English, and world language courses will your students need to take in their first year of college? For most Universities of Wisconsin, students need to take placement tests to find out. Incoming freshmen typically take them through the Regional Testing Program a few months before starting college.

Students need to register for their placement test date ahead of time. Registration opens in mid-March, and tests take place in spring and summer. A student who is unable to take the tests during the times offered should contact the campus they plans to attend. A student’s admission letter should state who to contact in this situation and list which test the student needs to take.

Early Math Placement Tool

How ready are your students for college math courses? Which math class should students take during their senior year of high school? To answer these questions, have your students use Wisconsin’s Early Math Placement Tool (EMPT).

Offered through a partnership with the Universities of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Technical College System, the Department of Public Instruction, and Wisconsin high schools, the EMPT is free to use. It includes a placement test and a resource guide that shows how many math courses are required for each major on each UW campus.