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Start With FAFSA

The federal government is the largest source of student financial aid. Start by seeing if you qualify for federal assistance. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to begin. Almost every campus awards some aid to FAFSA applicants. You can list up to 20 colleges on your FAFSA of where your information will be sent.


Get Ready to Complete the New FAFSA

ONE: Create Your FSA ID

Your FSA ID is a username and password combination that you will use to access your financial aid information. Be sure to use the FSA ID cheat sheet to save your information. To learn more about how to create or recover your FSA ID, visit

TWO: Determine Dependency Status

Your dependency status determines whose information you must report when you fill out the FAFSA form. To learn more about how to determine you dependency status, visit

THREE: Parents Create Your FSA ID

All parties, including parents, providing information will be required to have an FSA ID username and password and give permission to connect the FAFSA to their tax records via the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. To learn more about how to create or recover your FSA ID, visit

The New 2024-2025 FAFSA Includes Several Changes

  • The new FAFSA will import more elements from IRS tax return data, resulting in fewer overall questions for students and families.
  • The new FAFSA is predicted to average larger Pell Grant awards, and an increased number of students eligible for Pell.
  • The FAFSA Simplification Act also established a minimum Pell Grant award based on a family’s Adjusted Gross Income.
  • Students are no longer required to enroll in Selective Service to file the FAFSA.
  • The new FAFSA removes the prohibitions on eligibility for incarcerated students, students with drug-related offenses, or students who fail to register for Selective Service.


Complete your 2024-2025 FAFSA today!