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Get Organized

Staying organized is hard, especially when you’re trying to manage multiple financial aid applications. Here’s a handy worksheet to help control some of the chaos. And remember, you do not have to accept all the funds provided to you.

How to use the worksheet

You can use this worksheet to keep track of your financial aid applications.

Set up your budget to see how much it will cost to attend each of your UWs. Track your total awards for each campus, then subtract your total costs from your total awards to see what funds you will still need to attend each UW.

Students will often take private loans, summer jobs, or family contributions to cover the difference. What’s right for you?

Download the Worksheet


Managing all your financial aid applications can feel pretty overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help keep on top of things:

  • Start soon, and plan to give it some time. Applying can take a while, so it pays to get started as early as you can!
  • Keep your head up. The more you apply, the more chances you have to succeed. And expect more than a few nos on your way to all your yeses.
  • Line up your letters of recommendation early.
  • Remember the smaller scholarships — they can add up.
  • Sharpen your writing pen — a lot of scholarships require essays. Don’t be afraid to rework your essays for multiple applications.
  • Stay organized! Deadlines count. Make a schedule and stick to it.