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ROTC and Military

ROTC and Military

Interested in receiving military training and experience while in college? Looking for ways to fund your education?

ROTC may be the answer. ROTC programs offer college courses for their members. You can register for these courses–or withdraw from them–as you would with other courses on campus, unless you’ve committed to a particular military branch in writing. If you join one of the ROTC programs described below, you’re also eligible for scholarships and monthly stipends to help with tuition, housing, books, and other educational expenses.


Army ROTC supplies the Regular U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserve, and U. S. Army National Guard with college-trained officers. It offers two-, three-, and four-year merit scholarships, with preference given to applicants studying engineering, nursing, or physical sciences. After graduation, all Army ROTC cadets must serve in some capacity for eight years. Scholarship recipients start their service as second lieutenants.

Air Force ROTC

Designed for students with three or more years of college to complete, Air Force ROTC offers one-, two-, and four-year programs. The one-year program is for students in law, nursing, and other high-demand majors. Applicants may compete for scholarships that cover tuition plus lab fees, textbooks, and more. All Air Force ROTC cadets are eligible for a monthly stipend while in school and second-lieutenant status upon graduation

Navy-Marine ROTC

UW-Madison offers Navy-Marine ROTC, which awards nursing scholarships and two- and four-year general scholarships to selected applicants. While in school, this program’s participants receive a monthly stipend. After graduation, they may qualify for a Naval or Marine Corps commission.