Graduate Financial Aid

Types of Aid

Grants are awarded based on financial need and do not require repayment. SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded to students based on the applicant's academic achievement; financial need is sometimes taken into account. Scholarships do not require repayment. Contact the Campus Financial Aid Office for more information. LOANS may be offered to students at low interest rates. Loans are considered a form of financial aid and must be repaid. There are federal loan programs, and private loans through a bank or other lender. Following are the federal loan programs:

Student Employment may be offered in several forms, one of which is work-study. Work-study is awarded based on need and will provide the opportunity for employment during the academic year. The work is often limited to a specific number of hours per week. Students who are not awarded work-study may seek out other on-campus employment. Campuses usually have a variety of jobs for non- work-study student payroll in university offices, laboratories, food service, and other facilities.

Assistantships are types of employment, students are expected to perform 20 hours of service per week. Many assistantships provide non-resident tuition remission and benefits such as health, dental and life insurance.

Advanced Opportunity Program offers fellowships designed to increase the number of students of color (African American, Hispanic, Native American, and Southeast Asian) and/or disadvantaged nonminority students in graduate programs. Nominees must be US citizens or permanent residents at the time of application, and admitted to or enrolled in a graduate program. Those who are residents of Wisconsin and who are members of the aforementioned multicultural groups are given highest priority for receiving AOP fellowships.

Non-Resident Tuition Remission grants are available to out-of-state students who are enrolled full-time, exhibit academic excellence and demonstrate need. These grants are limited in number. The grants typically remit the out-of-state portion of the tuition and fees. For more information on applying for financial aid, consult with the department which offers the program in which you are interested. Also check with the campus financial aid office.

Campus Financial Aid Offices

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