Services for Students with Special Needs

The University of Wisconsin System provides full and equal educational opportunities to all students. All students are entitled to an accessible, accommodating, and supportive teaching and learning environment. Each two year Colleges campus, and each baccalaureate campus has a contact person who can answer questions and provide information about the programs and services available at that institution.

In 1988, the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents passed a non-discrimination policy mandating that students with special needs will receive the accommodations necessary to have equal access to educational opportunities and programs in the integrated campus setting. All of the System campuses provide a variety of services for students with special needs based on the individual student's needs, such as taped textbooks, alternative testing, classroom notetakers, priority registration, accessible parking, readers, equipment loan, and advising. Two campuses also offer specialized programs for students with learning disabilities.

Project Success at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh is a successful academic and social remediation program for students with learning disabilities. The intent is that participants will become educationally independent in and across these major educational areas: mathematics, spelling, reading, writing, comprehension, and study skills. Those interested should apply at least two to three years prior to desired entrance. However, this should not deter applicants. Once accepted, the student must be willing to register for participation in the summer term prior to the fall semester of their first academic year at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. There are no fees for the services.

Project ASSIST is a program at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for students with learning disabilities. It is a comprehensive program that supports students in their pursuit of a university degree without compromising academic standards. It is based on the philosophy that students with learning disabilities can learn specific strategies that will enable them to become independent learners who can be successful in a college setting. The strategies are learned primarily through one-on-one contact with tutors. Students should plan to attend a summer transition program prior to the fall semester of their first academic year at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. There are fees based on the level of support required.

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