Military Education Benefits

Students who are or were in the military have numerous opportunities to take advantage of educational benefits offered through each military branch or as a veteran. Forms of assistance and benefits range from scholarships to the G.I. Bill. Current or future UW System students may want to consider ROTC.

National and state benefit programs are available to military veterans. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has information on the G.I. Bill. The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs provides Wisconsin veterans with information on educational benefits and opportunities. Students may want to contact the veterans affairs coordinator at the UW System campus they wish to attend for assistance and information.

The Wisconsin National Guard provides educational benefits for its enlisted students. Specific information is available on the Wisconsin Air National Guard Web site and the Wisconsin Army National Guard Web site.

Information about programs for a specific military branch should be obtained through the branch in which the student is enlisted. The student should contact the education office or visit the Web sites below to learn more about scholarship or education benefits that are available.

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