Health Insurance

Student health insurance is available at all UW System baccalaureate campuses. If you are covered by a family plan, you should check with the carrier to see if arrangements need to be made to continue coverage while enrolled in college.

Students are not required to have insurance to receive campus health care; full-time students may receive limited medical services on campus. However, all off-campus care is at student expense. You are encouraged to obtain supplemental hospital/accident insurance to cover such expenses as hospitalization, emergency services, dental visits, after hours visits, specialist care, X-rays, pharmacy, and ambulance transport.

International students must enroll in a health insurance program contracted by the UW System or one of its constituent institutions, unless a waiver is granted for comparable or superior coverage. For more information, international students should review the packet of admission material they receive from the admission office.

For information about the health insurance program for UW Colleges students, contact the Student Service Office of the UW Colleges campus of interest.

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