Career Self-Assessment

Where are you right now?

Evaluating your current Interests, Skills, Values, and Personality will give you a good start on your career planning process.

Interests: The questions in an interest inventory ask about your likes and dislikes regarding various activities.  What makes you happy?  If you had a spare moment, what would you do?

The premise of using an interest inventory is that people who share similar interests will also enjoy the same type of work. 

Skills: What are you good at?

In addition to determining what you're good at, a skills assessment also helps you figure out what you enjoy doing.  The skills you use in your career should combine both characteristics.  You can use the results of the skills assessment to make some changes by acquiring the skills you need for a particular career.

Visit Exploring Interests and Careers.

Values: Value inventories measure how important different values are to you. Following are examples of work values, along with a definition of each item. When reading this list, think about how important each value is to you.

Personality: A personality inventory looks at your individual traits, motivational drives, needs, and attitudes. Your personality traits can determine which careers are best suited to you. For example:

Answers to questions like these can help pinpoint careers you might excel in.

Try these personality inventories.

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