The Application Process


The online University of Wisconsin System Application for Undergraduate Admission is the best way to apply for admission to any UW System campus. You can also access it from the Web admissions page of any UW System campus. It is easy and fast to complete.

The paper application can be obtained from Wisconsin high school counseling offices, from UW System admissions offices, or by contacting UW HELP.

The nonrefundable $50 application fee is required for applicants applying as degree-seeking students to a UW System campus. The fee is not required if the last campus attended was one of the UW Colleges (freshman/sophomore campuses). The fee is good for one year (two semesters and a summer session).


An official transcript of the complete high school record (beginning with grade 9) and transcripts of records from all postsecondary campuses attended are required from transfer applicants. Applicants should contact their high school of graduation and each previously attended campus to request that official transcripts be sent to the UW System campus(es) to which they are applying.

Procedures and policies for requesting an official transcript from a college or university vary by campus. Applicants must request a transcript, in person or in writing, from the registrar's office. A transcript submitted in the admission process must be official. An official transcript will usually be sent directly from the sending campus to the receiving campus without going through the applicant and will include the official school seal. Information for requesting a transcript from a UW System campus provides contact information and instructions.

Test Scores

Neither the ACT nor the SAT is generally required of transfer applicants. The applicant will be notified if any standardized test scores are required to complete the application. Review ACT/SAT FAQ for more specific information for each UW System campus.

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