Undergraduate International Admission Process

The best advice for an international student applying for admission to a UW System campus is to begin the process early. Prospective students should contact the UW System campus(es) of interest many months in advance of the intended semester of entry to request materials and information.

Application for Admission

We recommend that international applicants use the online UW System Application for Admission.

All UW System campuses require an undergraduate application fee of $50 (U.S. dollars). The application fee must be included with each application submitted. Some campuses also require an additional processing fee for international students to cover the cost involved with processing and evaluation of an international student application. All fees should be paid in U.S. currency and drawn on a bank draft or international money order, payable to the University of Wisconsin. The online application provides applicants the option of paying the application fee by credit card.


International applicants are required to submit official academic records for all secondary and postsecondary education. International students who have attended a college or university, inside or outside of the United States, are required to submit an official record from each institution attended.

International student records should be submitted in English translation. Some UW System campuses require records in both the native language and an English translation. International applicants may want to contact World Education Services or Educational Credential Evaluators for assistance with foreign credential evaluation.

All records must be official; notarized copies will not be accepted. All records should be sent directly from the institution to the UW System campus(es) to which the student is applying. Pay close attention to instructions included with an application for admission or information packet.

Test Scores

A critical part of the admission decision for an international student is the evaluation of the applicant's English language proficiency. All UW System campuses require international students to verify English proficiency. The most often used and accepted exam is the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). International applicants should make timely arrangements to take this exam, which is administered throughout the world by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Minimum TOEFL score requirements vary from one UW System campus to another. Score requirements may also vary from one degree program to another within an individual campus.  Request official results of the TOEFL be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service to the campus(es) to which the student is applying.

Some UW System campuses may accept the results of other standardized tests in lieu of the TOEFL. One of the commonly used alternatives is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Other UW System campuses may require the results of the ACT or SAT in addition to an English language proficiency test.

Financial Certification

International students are required to finance their own education and living expenses while attending school in the United States. Only a few UW System campuses offer scholarship money for international students; most do not. As a part of the application process, international students are required to declare and verify necessary funding.

Admission packets from individual UW System campuses explain in detail how an international student applicant must verify funding and the estimated funding necessary. Estimated expenses usually include tuition and fees, housing, health insurance, books, supplies, and personal expenses. Each UW System campus provides more specific (U.S. dollar) amounts that must be certified. All dollar amounts are subject to change. Annual increases should be expected.

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