The Application Process

The Application

The online University of Wisconsin System Application for Undergraduate Admission is the best way to apply for admission to any UW System campus. You can also access it from the admissions Web page of any UW System campus. It is easy and fast to complete.

A paper application for admission can be obtained from Wisconsin high school counseling offices, from individual UW System admissions offices, or by contacting UW HELP.

Applications for admission are processed by UW System campuses beginning September 15 for the following fall semester. New freshman applicants should meet priority or deadline dates to ensure full consideration for admission. All new freshman applicants are required to submit a nonrefundable $50 application fee ($60 for UW-Madison) with each application for admission. The application fee is good for one year (two semesters and a summer session).


An official transcript of the complete high school record (beginning with grade 9) is required. Students in high school should submit an official transcript to each UW System campus to which the student is applying. If already graduated, the graduate should contact the high school to have an official transcript sent directly to each UW System campus to which the individual is applying. If an applicant has earned a GED or HSED, an official score report should be sent in addition to an official high school transcript.

If an applicant completed any course work through a college or university while enrolled in high school, contact the college or university to request that an official transcript be sent directly to each UW System campus to which the individual is applying.

Procedures and policies for requesting a transcript from a college or university vary by campus. Applicants must request a transcript, in person or in writing, from the registrar's office. A transcript submitted in the admission process must be official. An official transcript will usually be sent directly from the sending campus to the receiving campus without going through the applicant and will include the official school seal. Information for requesting a transcript from a UW System campus provides contact information and instructions.

Test Scores

The UW System requires new freshman applicants to submit the results of the ACT or SAT. We recommend that high school students complete the ACT or SAT in the spring of their junior year and have the results sent to the appropriate UW System campus(es). This requirement may be waived for older and/or nontraditional applicants and for those who require special and unique exemptions.

ACT/SAT Frequently Asked Questions provides more information for each UW System campus. 

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